Brass Lamp Parts manufactured by OK Engineers are demanded by Lighting Industries in India as well as other countries. We are a pioneer in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Brass Lamp Parts, using high quality brass rods. We offer unique designs in lamp parts and as specified by our clients, using CNC machines so precise cuts and edges are obtained. The products we manufacture are of exceptional quality, rust resistance, highly durable and flexible.

Various Brass Lamp Parts include – Caps, Check Rings, Half Balls, Slip Rings, Cluster Bodies, Couplings, Knobs, Necks, nozzles etc. These parts are one of the few decorative parts available with OK Engineers. Production process is maintained by our team to get optimum result is obtained, by which we can manufacture small or big orders in minimum time possible. As Brass Lamp Parts are mostly used in outer part, the surface finish and dimensional accuracy is must. The products are exported to many countries such as – Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A, U.K., Sweden, Poland, Netherland, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark and all European Countries.

With years of experience and with the help of our professional that makes full efforts in monitoring each and every manufacturing process to maintain high accuracy in all levels, starting from raw material to end product. Special packaging and shipping service are provided as products are to be sent to faraway places, the programs are designed around customer requirements that have helped us in establishing a reputation as being the most versatile and customer friendly manufacturer in the Lighting Industries where Brass Lamp Parts are required.